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I’ve rediscovered the Firefox Bookmark Synchronizer and it really rocks. I’ve got it to save on close and reload on open so all of the computers I regularly browse on will always have the latest and greatest and greatest bookmarks. I can use bookmarks for cross-computer notes and to-read lists now, too. Another killer app for Firefox. Update: Link updated, should work now.

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Thanks a million for this, Matt. I used this back around the time of it’s original release, but somehow managed to lose it and never get it back during my switch to Linux several months ago. This will definitely make laptop, home desktop, and workstation at work jumping around much much easier. Now if I can just make sure to close the windows on the proper machines in the proper order…

This assumes that all computers you use have Firefox installed. In reality, it’s rare. I have 19 bookmarks in my portal and each corresponds to different place, time and browser (Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox and IE). What I need is a filter that inputs raw HTML bookmarks and aggregates them properly. Can anyone suggest something?

I’ve been loving Bookmark Sync for quite some time. It was actually one of the things that swayed me away from the Mozilla Suite over to Firefox.

Somehow I have never been able to make this extension work, I just get weird error messages and everything locks up. I’ve tried it several different times, always with the same result. I don’t know if there is something that I’m supposed to do with it that I don’t know about or what. It sounds like, in theory, this would be a useful extension.

Using the toolbar does a nicer job of keeping all my bookmarks, browser history and searches stored centrally so I can log onto any computer with the toolbar and see all my bookmarks and all my history from other computers, just in case I forgot to bookmark a page, my history is available to go back through from any machine. Very useful.

….try out Works with all major browsers, and syncs to on-line database – even offering on-line collections.

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