8 thoughts on “EOS Digital Rebel XT

  1. Yum indeed! As a EOS 300D owner already I’d say the most important improved feature would have to be the USB2. Downloading pictures via the cameras sub slot is slow shall we say. However I think the lack of ultrasonic lens (which I got with my black bodied EOS300D in the uk) is a big downer 🙁

  2. Also as an owner of the EOS 300D i’d say the USB2 feature is much nicer. Downloading photos on the 300D tends to take a while when you have several hundred!

  3. Wonder how much this beauty costs. I’m getting tired of having a point-and-shoot Canon S30. Great photos, but just not the control I had on my analog Canon Rebel 2000.

  4. If only I hadn’t bought the first one last summer. Oh well, I’ll have to wait a bit before I can upgrade. But the USB 2.0 and burst rate (14 frames at 3 fps) make me really want to look into it sooner than later.