Quotes Coming In

More reviews are coming in, “Cleaner code, faster execution, and maybe it’s just my imagination but I actually detect a hint of lemony freshness too. Seriously ecstatically happy with my blog since running WordPress and it has been trouble free and effortless (as a blog should be). If you’re thinking of putting one up and joining the Jones’, I recommend it highly and if you’re thinking of switching I heartily encourage it.”

One thought on “Quotes Coming In

  1. A few years ago I had a Blogger blog. I abandoned it and the world of blogging until I found Myspace. A few weeks ago I came across photomatt.net and through it, WordPress. As a result I’m in the process of getting WordPress installed on my server. I can’t wait to fire it up and take back control of my public ramblings!

    Oh… and as a result of my renewed love for blogs I’ve discoverd the beauty of Firefox, RSS, and the ability to create my own icons.

    Open-source is such a wonderful thing. Keep on rockin’!