Seattle Trains

The Seattle airport is crazy, I had to get on three separate trains to get from my landing terminal to the departing one. I’m glad I wasn’t in a hurry.

5 thoughts on “Seattle Trains

  1. I agree. It’s ridiculous. Recently I had to fly through Seattle and just switching from one concourse to another I had to go out of security and back through security. Both flights were domestic, so it wasn’t a customs thing, it was just a poorly planned airport. Cool art on the walls and stuff, though. And the employees made the best of it too. Going back through the security the line was crazy long and they were patrolling it asking people if their flight was leaving soon. Ours was leaving in 10 minutes so they let us jump the line.

  2. You were probably tagged as a non-local. Locals don’t have these kinds of problems 😛 In all seriousness, you should have emailed me to tell me you were in Seattle.