WordPress World Tour

So I’m doing a little vacation this week and I’m going to be Florence, Italy until Tuesday the 29th, Venice until Friday the 1st, and then Copenhagen, Denmark through Sunday the 3rd. If anyone wants to do a WordPress/Photo Matt meetup while I’m in town, drop me a note. Also if you have any suggestions of things to do in any of these places please leave a comment. Blogging will be light this week, but I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures. 🙂

22 thoughts on “WordPress World Tour

  1. ah, but will you ever POST them? — still waiting for sxsw photos, matt.
    but i send you lots of love… and have lots of fun!

  2. Blogging will be light? Man…you shouldn’t blog at all while you’re there! ;0) Relax, enjoy the sights and have a great time, there’ll be plenty of time to blog when you get back.

  3. “Little vacation”? Camping in my backyard is a little vacation. Florence, Venice, and Copenhagen is a once in a lifetime adventure. I agree with Kymberlie R. McGuire, totally jealous.

  4. Venice is a love-it-or-hate-it type of town. Florence is just a love it type of town. It’s really great. Make sure to take a walk up to the Boboli Gardens. Lots of nice art to see and it’s all free.

    Also, with regards to Florence, the best food in the world is there. I recommend just picking up a menu wherever you go, closing your eyes, and just pointing to any item on it. I’m serious. I ate some stuff over there that I would never dream of ordering anywhere else (like spanish casserole) and it was just spectacular.

  5. Make sure you go to Piazzale Michelangelo when you are in Florence, you will be able to see the whole city from there, it’s very photogenic.

    Venice is great, I advise you not to follow the main tourist routes, just get lost there and enjoy the quiet outskirts.

    Both are lovely towns, but their reliance on tourism takes some of the charm away…

  6. It’s worth a shot: Hey, Matt! Would you consider including scenic Champaign, Illinois on your list of stops? We’ve got more cornfields than you can handle!

    Man, we should start a WordPress group down here…

  7. Hey Matt, have a great trip. I hope the weather gods are on your side!

    @Mike D: Spanish Casserole? In Italy? What the hell is Spanish Casserole anyway?

  8. Long as you are in Europe, you might as well drop in on us here in Ireland. Plenty of us Irish WordPress users would love to treat you to the famous Irish hospitality to repay your trojan work on WordPress.

    And we’ve got spectacular scenery to take a few pics of!


  9. Hey Matt. You will be in Denmark during the celebrations marking the 200th anniversary of the birth of that most famouys of Danes, Hans Christian Andersen. You should check out what’s going on in Copenhagen before you arrive and see if you can catch some of the festivities. Also, if you’ve never been before, it can be nice to check out Tivoli gardens in the evening. Copenhagen is very cool, but be prepared for the prices. PS Try one of the hotdogs they sell in the street — they’re nothing like the carts in New York, I promise.

  10. There is nothing like Italy. Enjoy Florence (one of the most beautiful cities around) and make sure when you go to Venice it isn’t raining (like it has the two times I went).

  11. In Copenhagen, I liked the Danish Design Centre (opposite Tivoli Gardens) (http://www.ddc.dk), and there was another design museum I went to which I stumbled across on the way back from seeing the Little Mermaid statue.

  12. Make sure to just wander around the streets of Venice. Get lost. Have fun. Even if it it raining, think of it as an opportunity to make the vibrant colors seem brighter in contrast to the grey, dreary day!

  13. Oops… sorry about that, Spaniard. I meant “spinach casserole”. My mom tried to give me that stuff when I was a kid and I despised it. Ordered it by accident in Florence and couldn’t get enough of it.

    Also, I echo the statement about Venice being a bit heavy on the tourists. That’s why I hated it I think. The service and food were also quite horrible (which I didn’t think was possible in Italy), but I think it’s because they realize you’re a tourist and you’ll never go there again. Florence kicks ass though…

  14. enjoy your stay in italy. venice is unique. period. (with regard to food, etc., yes they are quite heavy on turists, but you can stay light on food for your stomach and go strong for food for your eyes. if you have the chance, take a ferry and visit few small islands in the lagoon (burano, murano, lido) too.

  15. Live in copenhagen and could recommend a few things. Email me if you see this. I could recommend photo locations too, I’m into photography a lot. I sent you an email too.

    – Emil