16 thoughts on “Bad Wiki

  1. OMG. What’s up with that? I managed to spell my name, though! It only lasted for half a second, but it took like a minute to do. STOP STEALING MY LETTERS! lol 🙂

  2. That’s both fascinating and infuriating. Eventually I got angry and started a riot, and people started putting the letters in the corners as a form of protest. Someone managed to spell out “WHY” for a brief moment… but the resistance didn’t take kindly to his anti-revolutionary sympathies.

  3. We almost managed to write “Please stop stealing our letters”. It’s fascinating to see people cooperate now and then, and nagging the same person or word for minutes is just as good. Great fun.

  4. I don’t trust these sites! A while ago I found one just like this one and everybody started linking that site.. till it suddenly changed in a casino promoting site.

  5. That was so friggin’ hilarious. I loved the people who you could tell were neurotic who were making little piles of letters in the corners. That could easily kill hours out of someone’s day.

  6. That’s great. Thanks. I managed to spell two different domains. gentlewhisper dot com. People actually kept fixing it for me when someone would steal my letters. Then I got the whole group talked into keeping all the unused letters in little alphabetical piles.

  7. This was too much fun. I tried to write ‘zoogie.’ Got to zoo. Spent the rest of the time messing up what other people wrote. Then all the letters started crowding to one place…and I did my best throwing them back out randomly again…then switched sides in the battle and endeavored to draw them all to the corner…then stopped, noting it was 12:00am.


  8. I spelled my name for a good 2 seconds and I have proof :)…gosh that game is addictive and it was funny as hell – I wasn’t about to spell any big words though…

  9. I managed to spell “dowingba” and — get this — the ENTIRE ALPHABET, a through z, with 50 other people around. Man I should have got a screenshot of that.

  10. I played around with it for quite a bit and managed to get several words out, the favourites among the 50 or so other people dragging with me being ‘beer’ and ‘geek’ 🙂