A Calendar Problem

So here’s the scenario: I have a work calendar on Outlook 2003 which gets all the work meetings. I use iCal on my Mac to keep a calendar with mostly personal events and it syncs via DAV online. I would love to combine all of these and sync them together and to some sort of web interface, and make all the events and alarms go to my phone, a Motorola RAZR. Is this even possible? Update: Groupcal looks like exactly what I need.

12 thoughts on “A Calendar Problem

  1. Alarming the razr is no biggie, just text message it on a pre-determined alarm pattern from a mail server. The biggest hurdle in my mind is integration between the

  2. iCal and Outlook. Sharing the Outlook calendar is no easy feat either, unless you email the calendar to a server and then parse out the text manually.

  3. Ok, now I need that for work and home, outlook to outlook. I’ve been having to haul my Palm cradle back and forth. There ought to be a website, that you can sync w/ as easily as you do a PDA, provided your log and pass is right. Love, C

  4. Has anyone tried http://www.Plaxo.com. They have an PC Outlook plugin (possibly others) that syncs calendar, contacts, and tasks between multiple machines and keeps a secure copy of all your stuff on their website for anywhere access. It’s free for personal use. I’ve been using it for 2 years now and I love it.

    Haven’t tried with a phone. Hope it helps.

  5. Don’t know if the Razr supports sync-over-net via SyncML, but it’s something that isn’t too hard to implement a server for. That’s what the Sync4j mentioned above implements. Basically you should be able to find a sync item in a sub-menu somewhere, where you can punch in a URL, username+password, and the phone will pull down a list of contacts+appointments from the server. The system will push updates from the phone back to the server, and vice-versa. Very nifty.

  6. Well, I’m just a simple hacker, but you may be able to pull your calendar data from Exchange using LDAP, and then massage it into .ics format readable by iCal/Thunderbird (I do this with Perl, though someone re-wrote my code in Java) from there you should be able to set alarms, but if you’re using Thunderbird they don’t work, so I wrote some code (in Perl) that rips through the .ics file looking for events about to happen and then sends me an SMS message via email if they are flagged with ‘alarm’ and have my phone’s email address in the alert field. There may be other/simpler solutions. At least I hope so.