Computers, Freedom, and Privacy

I suppose now is a good time to blog that I’m going to be speaking at the 15th annual conference on Computers, Freedom, and Privacy in Seattle this Friday on the panel “Unstoppable Speech (or, The Revolution Will Be Podcast).” If you’re in the area you should check out the conference, it looks excellent. I’m also looking for things to do in Seattle, any suggestions? Anyone interested in a WordPress meetup?

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  1. Crap – I work two jobs on Friday!!! Anyway, if you’re in Seattle, you should take a moment to visit the Central Public Library, designed my Rem Koolhaas’ firm OMA (and local firm LMN). The building is amazing, there’s wireless access throughout and, since it’s Seattle and there’s a built in cafe, it’s the perfect place to meet up, hang out or work on your posts…

  2. There is some famous Italian sandwich shop owned by the father of famous chef Mario Batali which I recently saw on Food TV that seems like it would be wonderful to go to. You could hunt it down on I’m sure if you’re really interested. When it comes to quality and taste, this place looked amazing. Just a thought…

  3. The Gnomedex site has this page about “things to do in Seattle”, .

    I pretty recently moved up here, so I’m not the best to suggest things to do. But, the Exerpience Music Project museum is worth visiting if you like museums and/or rock music, and the underground tour is fun-tourist thing to do. If you like the outdoors, there are a lot of nice places to visit (arboretum, various lakes and parts, the locks, etc.)–and, also the flagship REI is kind-of a trip in itself if you’re *really* into the outdoors.

    I’d definitely come to a meetup too. There are quite a good bunch of social/tech folk up here too. . .

  4. Drat – Friday is my b-day so I’m booked to the hilt that day! But I’m a local so here’s some tips:

    Pike Place Market: it’s touristy for sure, but if you can find some great cheap eats. Take Pike to 1st ave, see the big red Market sign, and then walk inside to see touristy fish throwing and good people watching. Then head back outside and turn left, and you’ll hit lots of small markets and foodstuffs. Piroshky’s, the cheesemonker place, and the bakery on the stretch are highlights. Keep going a few blocks and you’ll see the waterfront on your left (just past where the hot dog place is).

    Seattle has a lame core downtown, but great neighborhoods. Captial Hill is a highlight – this is what many people think of when they think of Seattle. Head to Broadway ave. and walk around. Dillitantes is the best place for desert. Lots of fun small local places on 14 and 15th. Check out the Gravity bar for the Seattle healthy/granola scene. Crave is a fun local place for lunch on 12th. Great sushi is to be found at Nashino’s, over on Madison Ave. (South of Capital Hill).

    Capital hill is also a great spot for caffeine – many cool little coffee shops. Try Espresso Vivace on Broadway, good people watching. And top pot doughnuts is around here – on Summit I think. Great big fat cake doughnuts. and good coffee. Yum.

    Belltown is the super hip trendy upscale area (1st ave north of where pike place market is) – lots of bars and good but expensive resteraunts. Check out belltown billards for the full on scene. The best bakery in town, Macrena, is roughly in the center of the neighborhood on 1st. Flying Fish is fun, good seafood.

    For dinner: Tons of choices. Best bets are usually in capital hill, belltown, or the downtown area, but it’s a good resteraunt town. Seattle is strong on Seafood, Thai, Indian, and various fusions – but has lousy Chinese, mediocre pizza, and criminal bagels. So be warned.

    For photo spots: Go to Gasworks park (converted refinery, now a park!). The central library on 4th & 5th downtown is amazing (glow in the dark escalators). The waterfront is ok, but coming from SF you’ll be unimpressed. Pioneer square has some neat older buildings, and has the Elliot bay bookstore, best bookstore in town.

    For addresses on these things should do you justice. If you’re around thru the weekend let me know, i might be able to catch ya Saturday.

  5. Wow, thanks for the great comment. Have a good birthday! We’ll definitely be doing something on Saturday, most likely around 1 PM. I’ll post more when I figure things out.

  6. If you’re looking for more specific recommendations for something, just ask. And do let me know about Saturday. I should be free at least for the afternoon.

  7. If you don’t mind crossing the bridge, I just found out that the best band no one has ever heard, The Dieseltruckers, will be playing a show at the best bar no one has ever been too, The Workshop. 7541 Leary Way Northeast Redmond, WA 98052 Show starts at 9PM Friday night.

  8. You mean the workshop tavern? Redmond’s finest? 🙂 It certainly has more character than the entire redmond town center mall across the street. Though if you’re smoke sensitive prepare to suffer.

  9. Ah, someone with taste! 😀 There really is something special about the Workshop. And you are correct, it surely is the black sheep of that little area of upwardly mobile retail.

  10. I can be at the Workshop by 9:00 if I leave work early… which I’ll do without compunction. Who’s going, and how will I know you? I’ll be in tan cordurouys and a black leather jacket.
    Then there’s the issue of Saturday’s activities. I’ve never been to Seattle so I’ll do whatever.

  11. I’ll be the scary looking six and a half foot tall guy with the Alabama hat and the foot long beard. Kind of hard to miss. 😉

  12. I hope I don’t mistake you for some other scary-looking, six-and-a-half-foot-tall guy with an Alabama hat and an eleven-inch-long beard and wind up a housewife! 😉

  13. Doc: You never know though, right? I’ll be daring and leave my measuring tape at the hotel.

    Matt: Are you going to hang out with us tonight? Is there any news on tomorrow’s meetup?