Matt Haughey’s Fitlog is a
great use of custom fields for what has been called “datablogging” lately. We will be expanding our XML-RPC APIs with WordPress extensions to allow more remote programatic access to advanced WP features such as custom fields in the future.

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Thanks to Matt (the man behind WordPress) for pointing this out. Datablogging is the answer to my headaches! I can completely eliminate taking screenshots at the end of the day. Now, using Custom Fields will allow me to generate end of week results …


Several years ago I toyed with the idea of having a separate blog just to keep track of my diet and exercise habits. This was just after I’d switched to Movable Type and I was flush with exuberance and energy. A similar thing happened when I switche…

Hi Matt,

Thanks for posting this. I have been blogging my dietary/exercise habits since mid-Febuary, and it never occurred to me to use the custom fields for the exercise portion.


Hi All! I’d love for you to check out’s datablogging platform. In addition to the collection of data and publishing via RSS we also have ad-hoc graphing which is great for fitness logs. Just check out my triathlon log: (note the graphs on the left side of the screen.) Anyhow, let us know what you like and what we need to work on. Best, Joe Reger, Jr.