Paris Hilton Podcasts

Om says Paris Hilton Now PodCasting, someone call Dave Winer. As long as she doesn’t start a WordPress blog I think we’re okay — I’m not ready to jump the shark just yet.

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Well, that’s exactly what REPLACE means. Windows does not “replace” folders, it MERGES them. Windows says it does something it does not. Mac really REPLACES, _NOT_ MERGES. Capsed the terms so you understand the difference 🙂

Conclusion: Windows is braindead and works wrong.

I just had to look @ google after Elliot made that comment; at least she’s not the number one Paris in the world, and she may never be!!! 🙂 (nice site, Elliot; I love that pic! I was going to link to you, but I decided that I can’t remember any html right now).

Matt, as long as you don’t do any time travel, kill someone and then bring them back to life, or have a baby that just disappears come the fall, then you should be ok on jumping the shark.

Am I actually going to get to talk to you anytime soon? You mad about people tickling you pink, or are you piqued b/c I have been screwing up links all over your blog comments?? Miss you, darling!!! Love, C