How Flickr Was Made

Everybody I know loves Flickr and it’s one of the slickest web applications most of us have seen in a long time. I recently found out that Cal Henderson, the lead developer of Flickr from Ludicorp, is going to be giving a workshop called Building Enterprise Web Apps on a Budget – How We Built Flickr on June 20th here in San Francisco. It’s also fairly cheap for what you’re getting, so if you’re in the Bay area or can make it here for June 20th I’d highly recommend coming out, I’m planning on going myself. It’s put on by By Designers for Designers who also use WordPress.

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Same here, other than the minor issues of being in England, having only a student budget to work with, and planning on being at the Trinity May Ball that evening.

Ah well, there’ll be plenty more, I don’t doubt.

Damn. I’ve used up my conference card with work for a San Fran trip I’m making next week.

Hmm. I need to attend this too. But how? I wonder if they’ll do an east coast trip anytime soon.

“Same here, other than the minor issues of being in England”

Fatty: Cal used to live in the UK, so maybe you can beg him to do a similar talk next time he is visiting 🙂

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