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I tend to link to the more liberal organizations using WordPress because that’s what I hear about, but WP is becoming popular on all sides of the spectrum, which is fine by me. Stephen Steele wrote in that famous creationist Ken Ham has a blog now. He’s also video- and podcasting.

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Hi Matt, I’m just cruising around learning about WP with the intention of using it soon and I just wanted to throw you a kudos for linking to a fellow like Ken Ham without the need to give him a dig. Everything seems to get so polarized on the web so often that I found this simple little post really refreshing. Especially considering that it seems likely you might not be on the same “page” as him. 🙂

And I’m still learning who does what with WP, but it seems like a cool tool so far. 🙂


Thanks for posting this, Matt! It was awesome when I found out Ham was blogging (being a Creationist and WordPress fan myself), and it was even more awesome when I saw this li’l promo. That speaks a lot about your character. Kudos.

Wow Dante,

You missed the point.. and they never say it was the victim’s fault… wow. Take a better look before you condemn someone like that.

[…] On Saturday night after I made that excitable post about Ken Ham starting a blog, I fired off an email to Matt Mullenweg, who created wordpress – the software used on this blog, Ken Ham’s and many many more all over the world. Matt usually puts things on his website about famous companies / people who’ve started using wordpress and he put on that living legend Strob Ken Ham was now using it. […]