There is a new Squeezebox out, and it looks awesome. I just wish they hadn’t raised the price so much! I really need 3 to do what I want to do, which is full multi-room audio, but at that price it may be economical just to have someone come out and wire the place up.

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Yeah, I hear you, Matt. I’m hoping that, sometime, TiVo will wise up and try to embrace SlimServer as a source. Their current Desktop solution is … blah. If my two TiVos—which will probably get augmented by a third sometime late summer or fall—could service the TV/stereo combinations they already do with streaming audio, and I could use a Squeezebox in the location(s) that don’t … I’d be a happy camper.

I have a sqeezebox that is a year old and I’ve never used it (was a gift). I’d never heard anyone else talk about it. I’ll go look at it again. 🙂

I’d definitely recommend it, the server runs on Windows, Mac, or Linux and it’s actually open source so you can plug a lot of cool stuff into it. It works well with iTunes as well.

Well, it sort of works with iTunes. Slimdevices says “Please note that music purchased from the iTunes Music Store (“Protected AAC” (.m4p) files) is encrypted and cannot be played back with Squeezebox2 until Apple provides the necessary hooks to enable this.” You can burn the encrypted files to disk and rerip, but this is not much of a solution for those of us who have bought a large number of tracks from ITMS, and don’t want to turn to questionable solutions like Hymn. I sure wish Apple would license FairPlay or at least provide hooks to device manufacturers.

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