Include Pages

The include page plugin lets you include the contents of any page in any place in your template. This could be used to create discrete sections of your page you manage through the posting interface, which I know a lot of people would like.

7 thoughts on “Include Pages

  1. I’ve been using this plugin for a few months now on several site and I have to say it is the key to using WordPress as a complete CMS. You can create dynamic pages with multiple, editable sections of content so easily. Also, if you use textile, you can wrap the include_page() function with the textile function to get your formatting.

    echo textile( include_page(pagenum) );

    Works like a charm

  2. I’ve been running a system like this (from the BX functions of the Blix theme) for some time on my site. This plugin till make it easy to do the same thing in other themes, so it is just great. I still love Blix though, and I’d love to see it as the default template of the next major WP rel… Look for yourself, just search for “Blix for WordPress”. It is the time of the new themes soon… The ones with FEATURES. Hah! =)