Now 200,000

Wow, 200,000. Okay, time for a new release. ๐Ÿ™‚ We’re also trying to work with hosting providers doing auto-installs so those are counted better, right now just Dreamhost is counted.

15 thoughts on “Now 200,000

  1. So I take it that installs by hosts using scripts such as Fantastico aren’t being counted? I think the better solution would be to have the script ping the counter rather than individual hosts do it.

  2. I really need to add some sort of counter to WPMU so we can get a real figure of WP blogs out there. It should add several thousand to that figure!

  3. My German is not what is used to be… Maybe now we need a plugin that automatically puts a “translate” button next to comments?

  4. Yea, IPowerweb just released an auto-installer for WordPress v1.5

    I haven’t tried it since it’s I have it already, but I guess it’s pretty cool. Hopefull they’ll keep up with the updates themselves. They used to have the auto-installer for B2 before WordPress v1.5

  5. Speaking of hosting providers, I’ve been waiting several weeks now to hear back from you. Since we now offer WP-only servers, easy 1-click installs with Fantastico, and even a donation to WordPress, I didn’t think it would take a month to get a response about being a WP Hosting partner…