Now 200,000

Wow, 200,000. Okay, time for a new release. ๐Ÿ™‚ We’re also trying to work with hosting providers doing auto-installs so those are counted better, right now just Dreamhost is counted.

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So I take it that installs by hosts using scripts such as Fantastico aren’t being counted? I think the better solution would be to have the script ping the counter rather than individual hosts do it.

My German is not what is used to be… Maybe now we need a plugin that automatically puts a “translate” button next to comments?

Yea, IPowerweb just released an auto-installer for WordPress v1.5

I haven’t tried it since it’s I have it already, but I guess it’s pretty cool. Hopefull they’ll keep up with the updates themselves. They used to have the auto-installer for B2 before WordPress v1.5

Speaking of hosting providers, I’ve been waiting several weeks now to hear back from you. Since we now offer WP-only servers, easy 1-click installs with Fantastico, and even a donation to WordPress, I didn’t think it would take a month to get a response about being a WP Hosting partner…

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