Really Moblogging

I’m going to keep updating the site via a PDA and an Iridium satellite phone (using a tweaked version of WordPress that we’ll be releasing as open source once I’m back in June).”

6 thoughts on “Really Moblogging

  1. Couldn’t run it at all on my phone. It’s a smartphone, but it doesn’t run mobile edition of Windows CE as most PDAs do nowdays, it’s powered by Symbian OS 7. As you can see on JWordpress‘s site, it’s compiled as a midlet (jar) file. I’m not 100% sure what it’s coded in (I’m in no way a programmer), but it’s probably Java.

  2. Yeh, I could use Opera or the built-in Internet browser in Symbian OS 7, but Admin CP for WP have so many links/buttons etc… These are just not needed when you’re trying to post one short message… All is needed is Subject and Text fields together with the Submit button. That’s it.