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So has been sold and there are no details as to who it’s going to (or for how much), which is odd. As a user I feel sort of blinded by oncoming headlights, but hopefully more information will be available shortly. There were 12,207 users when I first got the announcement, the number seems to be going down. I hope the new owner is cool. Update: I heard the new owner is cool.

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Personally I backed up my list and deleted my account. Not too fond of personal info being transfered to unknown individuals and the likes. If all works out, a quick restoration won’t cause me too much trouble.

I’d really like to hear from other members (like Mark) what they’re going do – will they delete the account or not?

(Matt, I’d like your take on this as well.)

I’m still undecided.

You guys are a bunch of emotional pansies! It’s just a list of blogs . . . what’s going to happen to you if the ownership changes? I’d be more concerned if my friends gained access to my list of weblogs rather than a new (paying) owner of thousands of accounts. Sold

I used to keep track of when the blogs I read were updated.

Well, has been sold to an unnamed individual and will transfer ownership, including account information and user data, sometime on or around June 13.

According to the curre…

Basil, better safe than sorry. It’s easy enough to backup your account and delete it and then restore it if the new person is gravy.

I will not delete my current account as I am too lazy, and don’t really care about the value of that data. (Heck, read my site and you’ll find out 10 times more useful stuff about me…) I’ll just keep hoping the new owner is cool.

I think Basil has a point. I signed up for, but never used it. Bloody useless. Still, I deleted my account in case some corporate American idiot takes over and sells all our data to Spammers.