German WordPress Book

This German WordPress book is, as far as I know, the first to be published exclusively about WP. Here’s to many more. They sent me an email and hopefully I’ll get a copy in the mail soon.

11 thoughts on “German WordPress Book

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  2. I don’t think its a detailed thing, just 140 pages, which explains the title of the book(translated in english, its “WordPress Compactly”). 😉 So, is our Codex better at it? I seem to think so!! 🙂

  3. i just read the index and the reading probe they provide…

    and for me it seems to be a nice little getting started and how to use guide for people
    which dont have time to do trial and error…
    i will buy it and use it probably as material for a short getting started guide for my customers….

    sure,its not as complex as the codex 🙂
    but as far as i understand it it adresses another brand of people…
    than professionals,codeheads and webpassionates….

    more the tyype of advanced newbie users which stick to paper ,beacause it can be read in trams without having to be feared that the power is available till you are finished and drop off 😉

  4. I sent you a quote translated from one of the premier printed Internet Magazines (“Internet Professionell”) once 😛 – WordPress is BIG in tech circles over here: IPro is using WordPress as the de facto Blog Software standard in recommendation articles and in how-to articles again and again now. Since I have a subscription to them, I ought to know.

    Even somewhat elitist ct’ magazine mostly has good things to say about WordPress.

  5. Hi there,

    I am the author of the book 🙂 First of all: I am very proud that I wrote about this wonderful software. Its a small book. While i wrote I thought about an unexperienced user who wants to get his own blog. The book has about 140 pages. At the moment its just only in german. Maybe it will be translated soon. I wrote about a few plugins, for example Witty Text, SpamKarma and a lot of modifying Kubrick.
    At the moment I am thinking about writing a second book about for the more experienced users.
    To answer the last question here: Yes the Codex has much more topics. But not every beginner wants to read everything online. Many people prefer a small book besider their keyboard, guiding them through their first blogging experience.