Editor’s Choice

I heard on the grapevine that WordPress won an Editor’s Choice award from Linux Journal, could anyone confirm? I’m going to head to Border’s tomorrow to see if they have any new copies.

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“WordPress Web Hosting-get a full-featured blog without setting up your own server:

Linux Journal needs to do some research before handing out awards. My first suggestion would be to actually visit and comprehend the site(s) in question before voting.

Ok, my above comment may have been a little bit pre-mature as I have no way of reading the print article, but they certainly do make it sound like “WordPress Hosting” is actually a hosting service.

By “setting up your own server” they probably mean as opposed to running your own web server locally or something, given the audience of the magazine. Since we’ve provided an up-to-date and relevant listing of which hosts are decent and are also good community members, that page is as good as any to point to.

WordPress has a mention in the Macworld magazine in an article about blogging and a large screen dump of the application.

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