Keyboard Chair

I wonder if one of these is actually comfortable, if it would work with my chair, and if I would be shunned from the non-geek community if they ever saw it.

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Partly depends on whether chair arms are a Good Thing or a Bad Thing for you. I, like many, can’t stand chair arms.

Ditto on the ergo keyboards, though. My Kinesis Classic is a lovely thing.

Fully remappable keyboard? Reminds me of the keyboard that came with my first-ever computer. It was pretty sweet: an extra bank of function keys, macros assigned to each key, etc. Every so often, I’ll try to find a modern (w/ media control buttons) keyboard that can do it (now, I see that it would be especially useful for programming and such).

I don’t think it would be easy to work with, but I would get it just for the geek-factor.

I’d have to say, I can’t do that. I have to have my normal-like keyboard, and sure, I’ll get carpol (sp?) tunnel eventually. But thats okay. I can type better. 😉

Or it’s possible that because I follow no true “accepted” way of typing, I couldn’t ever adjust to such a spread out situation.

*shakes head* daft and plain ridiculous. Matt – you would definitely be shunned…this is only one step away from those wing-mirrors attached to the side of PC monitors….or the holster for the mouse!

My current keyboard is a laptop-stylee, brushed aluminium beauty with glowing blue power lights (oddly made by Packard Bell!)…it’s great! The only problem I have with it is that the right-Shift key is too small, and sometimes the keyboard has a fit!

I recently had an article in a writers’ ezine that included this keyboad set up.

There are a lot of ‘alternative’ keyboards out there for PWDs that are good for almost any one. I’ve recently started seeing ads for the Frog Pad on many geek sites. The Evolution desktop version is what I am saving my green stamps for. The ulimate WTF?? is the BAT keyboard.

A great resource for ergo/cool stuff is Office Organix. They used to carry the nearly supine computer desk that they used in ‘Mutant X’ (it was called the NetSurfer), but they do have an unreal gamer’s unit.

This looks like a bicycle with four rear view mirrors.

Make it more like a sofa and I’ll take it. Oh yes, and I love root wood and brown leather. Yumm.

I am actually pretty serious.

That’s pretty nice; though it would take some getting used to. Can’t you just imagine yourself handing out orders to Jean-Luc Piccard in that?

PaulaO: Nice links you got there, the Frog Pad looks cool (I’ve seen something like that for PalmOS). That Gamer’s unit isn’t half expensive, though! $4300? Are they having a laugh?


I think a sofa model is a must – and somewhere to put your cup of tea / beer / sandwiches / peanuts.
I’d also suggest a separate raised “child seat” be available as an option, with room for a standard mouse to roam (with USB port or two) so that my little girl can teach me how to spell and beat me at games. The sofa option is useful so that my wife can over-ride my choices of destination when booking holidays, or I can just show someone what I am doing on their web site.