Blog Census

Is anyone doing anything to replace or update the Blog Census? It still doesn’t count WordPress blogs, two years later, and that there are only 3 Textpattern blogs. Right now at Ping-O-Matic we have a database of over 5.6 million blogs, if anyone has a smart crawler I could throw at that list it’d be great to get a more realistic view of the State of the Blogosphere.

5 thoughts on “Blog Census

  1. You mean just checking what type of software those 5.6 million blogs are running or to use them as a start for an even bigger webcrawl?

    If I had time I certainly would at least try to do it … I live for stats 😉

    Hmm, what kind of information can be retrieved from a blogs indexpage? The used software, probably the language, the date/time of the last entry (difficult), new links which could be blogs, geo-data, server-location (via IP) … what else?

    It would be nice to generate a big big graph displaying all blogs in existence and their relationship (links to each other) …

    Much work to do and no time left for it …

  2. If possible, that database would be *more* inaccurate, because last time I checked, WP shipped with Ping-O-Matic pinging enabled out of the box and MT didn’t. MT and WP are arguably the two biggest players in the space, and the ideal source wouldn’t tilt the board in favor of any of them (and of course count smaller players, duh).