WP in MacAddict

A few people have written in to point out WordPress is in MacAddict this month as well. Last time I went to Border’s to pick up Linux Journal they didn’t have it so I’ll try again today and pick up both. When it’s all done I’ll try to post pictures.

5 thoughts on “WP in MacAddict

  1. Yeah, I heard about this in #wordpress and I was excited to hear about this. It’s good that WordPress is getting more publicity. It’s good to see where this project is going and could go. I hope you’ve enjoyed it so far Matt =)

  2. I am relatively new to MACs and I am developing two blogs. I read about WordPress in MacAddict, liked what I read, keyed in the WordPress.org URL, hit and … and nothing happened. I can’t open the site, either in Safari, no matter which user agent I select, or in honest to goodness IE.

    Is there something about the site that gives some MACs a case of indigestion — something that old hands already know about?

  3. Matt, thanks for your comment. I’m sure that you, and lot of other people, use Macs to visit WordPress, all the time. The plug for WP in MacAddict, and the fact that WP is an open-source blog development tool , both convinced me that WP has a healthy following in the Mac community. But, in spite of al that I have done during the past three days to configure and re-configure my Mac, and all that I have learned in the process, I cannot access WP, either in Safari (running under any of the user agents available in the Safari debugger), or in IE itself.

    Visits to many sites created with WordPress convince me that WP supports features that I want to include in my two new sites. The really maddening part of this problem is that I cannot go to the WP site to join the forums where I might be able to find some pointers for how to get to the WP site in the first place.

    There are three clearly identifiable and important factors that remain the same, no matter what other changes I make on the Mac, in my effort to get to WP. First, there is my IP (SBC Yahoo! dial-up, which is also new to me). Second, there is the Mac itself. Third, and probably the source of my problem, is me.

    If WP did not look like such a great tool, and if sites created with WP did not look so good, I would walk away, but I have seen too much, and I would never be satisfied unless I had a chance to test WP.

    Oh, well.

  4. I picked up the LinuxJournal recently. It was a good writeup.

    Also, the latest issue of MacWorld has an article on blogging that covers several blogging tools, RSS readers, and other related topics. The blurb on WordPress is pretty short, but there’s a screenshot of the “Write” page.