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WordPress wins Best of Web and Favorite award for blog tools! “In February, open source blogging application WordPress came out with its release 1.5, and we’ve found that this release puts WordPress squarely ahead of its competition.” Our number of downloads has more than doubled since that was written. Hat tip: Niall Kennedy.

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Kudos WordPress!

The folks over at WordPress have much to be proud of today. They’ve been named in Best of the Web.

Happily, E.Webscapes agrees!

“In February, open source blogging application WordPress came out with its release 1.5, and w…

Best Of The Web

Congratulations Matt and the team. WordPress beat out MT, mwahahaha! Having had the opportunity to use both, I knew that WP was #1. I do like these asides.

Dear Mat,
I added the blog component to my literary website to enable people in our citywide reads initiative a place to communicate. The bonus was that it created much more exposure for us than we were getting with the old site with both search engine spiders and site visitors. So thanks so much!

[…] I do love blogging when I have spare times I usually login to my blog and write something or anything that interests me =) eventhough I have a vocabulary problems and that can’t stop me, blogging is a good tools to learn [for learning] something specially when it comes to your grammar/spelling etc… anyway that weakness doesn’t affect me at all. I know a lot of people out there can’t even read and write english so im so grateful and thankful with this little ability to express myself through english language. And thanks to wordpress software that gives you the real power to publish your thoughs and emotions into the wild. WordPress is the best because it is easy to install – user friendly – good support – easy to tweak – hundreds of themes to choose and the best of all is – you can download it for free! That’s the best thing about wordpress although they said wordpress is only for beginners, and I can prove that they’re wrong. Recently I’ve visited 9rules website and most of the bloggers in that group their blogs was powered by wordpress. I was using movabletype before I switched to wordpress and I’ve already tried so many blogsites like bloggers although blogger is free and cool still there’s missing atleast for me, the choices of their templates are so limited. I have expression engine installed before and more…. but all fell down and lacking of something. Some blogging tools needs you to learn php before you can understand their software, some you need to be experts in web designing and other stuff before you can tweak the templates and change the design to your liking and that’s bad news if you’re a no no experience programmer of some sort. Forbes published The Best of the Web blogging tools WordPress wins Best of Web and Favorite award for blog tools! and wordpress deserves to be recognized and the dev team should be rewarded for their effort in helping the blogging community and for providing free blogging tools with huge support from the team. Well ofcourse you have the freedom to choose your own blogging tools or whichever you prefered to use for your blog/s for me wordpress is the best! […]