You can now sign up to be notified about WordPress.com. Tell your friends! First come, first serve. Thanks again to Ric Johnson for releasing the domain to us.

17 thoughts on “WordPress.com

  1. “I heard it’s going to blog for you so you don’t have to worry about what to write.”

    You take all the phun out of life. Spending those agonising 10 minutes working out what to write, giving up, then remembering exactly what it was, at 3am, will be rendered redundant.. 🙂

  2. Noooo!

    But seriously. MU? Autoblogging? Please. A little bird told me WordPress.com will be nothing short of a monumental shift in the way the internet is used. Think “next great American novel” big. GreaseJAX on Rails, baby! Fully Vista compliant.

  3. So, was the domain “released” or “transferred.” By my understanding, one means it can be redirected to another domain without notice by the domain broker, while the other means true “ownership” by the definition used by ICANN. Just wanting to make sure everything’s covered.

  4. Yes I’ve contacted Yahoo! about that domain but needless to say they think it’s pretty valuable. In a few years when WordPress acquires Yahoo (and Google) I’m sure it’ll be part of the deal. 😉

  5. I was right 🙂

    Fatal Error
    Database Tables Missing.
    The table wpmu::wp_site is missing. Delete the .htaccess file and run the installer again!
    Please check that your database contains the following tables:

    * wp_blogs
    * wp_users
    * wp_usermeta
    * wp_site
    * wp_sitemeta
    * wp_sitecategories

    If you suspect a problem please report it to support forums!

    And it has a link to WPMU forums