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  1. I just tried it using Gaim exactly as he described, both in the “user@gmail.com” format and just plain “user” format, connecting to talk.google.com, and it didn’t work. Hmm…

  2. Yeah, I’m beginning to think they’re on to us. I’m getting “Not Allowed” errors. Unless I’m doing something wrong….

  3. Knowing (or intuiting) the 12th commandment “Thou shalt not bash Google” (my numbering may be worng but it seems to follow closely after “Thou shalt cast no aspersions on Firefox”) it took some guts for Chris Pirillo to write
    and I’m wondering aloud how long it may take for anyone to look at security implications of this new entry on the IM scene.

  4. Tried my hand out at Google Talk today. Seems to be ok and gives good access to Google. However, still needs to have a lot of features added to it before it can be comparable to the other Jabber clients or Yahoo! and MSN

  5. Go check Google’s site at http://talk.google.com/, there’s details on how to get Gaim to work. I’ve managed to do so, and it works great. I can’t get the curses-based centericq to work though.

    And so far, comparing Google Talk’s voice capabilities with Skype, Skype so far wins, both with quality and latency.

  6. Hmm… I dont know if they have released it in any hurry .. They couldve waited and put some more features in it .. This product cant just live by the hype .. I mean there are no special features … Why will users switch to this ..?

    On a different note I liked it .. πŸ˜› .. Very low on resource usage ..

  7. You mean to tell me, GoogleTalk is today news, and I installed it today? I’m not…several weeks or several months behind everyone else?

    This is terrific.

    Although, I have to go try and figure out what this has to do with search…hm. I don’t think it’ll replace AIM for me, but it deserves a shot…as for Skype or related programs, unfortunately, I don’t have a microphone and my sound card seems to refuse to play anything other than .mp3, .mpg and .rm files.

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