Rogue Switches

The Rogue Librarian (better known as Carrie Bickner) has switched to WordPress as well as a new design. Looks lovely!

2 thoughts on “Rogue Switches

  1. The librarian must have excellent eyesight. The small fonts will pose problem for the generation that still cares for books. No offence, but it’s true. With buggy IE, I don’t even know if scaling/zooming would work.

    Excessively small fonts have become a problem that too few have in the back of their minds. To a friend of mine who is 76 years-young, one of the greatest things about Firefox is that fonts are easily scalable. Speaking of ALA, the designer forums have criticised the re-design (although many loves it too). As Els said, on a 1024×768 window, font size only one notch up already gets the ‘feed’ menu item off screen (no second row). People with bad eyesight can’t get to the feed, nor are allowed to contribute.

  2. Perhaps it is the responsibility of the disabled too to ensure that their accessibility needs are met? The designer does have a job to play, but especially when browsers like Firefox are available, why not switch to it? Your 76 years-young friend seems to have the right idea. 🙂

    It’s amazing that one of the touted advantages of CSS design over <font> tags is its accessibility (vis a vis, resizability), but then there is the added unwritten rule that designers can’t expect users to take advantage of it.