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Well you can buy one on ebay for $25 (and growing), you can guess how much the ebay invite is going to go for, or you can read Photo Matt. πŸ™‚ I’ll send an invite to the person who leaves the best comment or ping about how they would use their blog, if they had one. I’ll pick a comment 12 hours from this post, so about 1:15 PM PST.

146 thoughts on “Invite Giveaway

  1. I would use a new blog to auction off another invite and lay claim to a good url which I will eventually sell when things really take off.

  2. I would spend my invite I would get to a good friend of mine. She is driving to america and I would like to read from her Year there. She’s new to Blogging so I would like to give her the best blogging experience that is possible, so that she will keep on blogging and become a good disciple of wordpress after that year πŸ˜‰

  3. I would give it to a WoW addict friend to use as a diary of his antics in his new digital life, in an effort to finally understand what the fascination is with it – and get him blogging.

  4. I don’t have a somewhat evil plan to take over the world or angelic purpose to save to world. I just want to have a domain with my first name in it. It’s hard to do in a world full of other Erics. So I will use (if still available) and I’ll blog there forever (or until I can’t blog/type again). Proudly. Powered by WordPress. (I want to say powered by ramen noodles, but you already have it on your footer, Matt πŸ˜€ )

  5. I would if given the once in lifetime chance exchange my invite for a golden ticket to visit the Chocolate Factory. πŸ˜€

  6. I would use a new blog to post my comic works process, design, doodles… plus sketch of nekkid anime chick every friday & bank holidays, good enough? πŸ˜€

  7. I just posted a comment and it never showed. That’s annoying.

    I would use it to talk about common misconceptions of the Egyptian culture, how we don’t ride camels to work, how our culture has very little to do, and how the only things we carried along from the Pharoahs are deeply rooted in our attitudes and genome (which include but are not limited to, impatience to lost comments).

    But that’s going to be only the first post or two, at which point I promise not to post any pron.

  8. Seriously though i am considering doing a seperate blog for about my disability. I live with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder caused by maternal drinking before birth. and a blog site at would be perfect as it would allow me the freedom to concentrate on the reason for the blog in the first place which is raising awarness in government and the public at large about alcohol free pregnancy.

  9. ugh… “has very little to do with our history…”

    I also need a wordpress blog so I can edit my comments without reposting and looking like an idiot.

  10. I would use mine to produce a flurry of posts before growing bored and leaving the whole thing to molder.

    Several months later I will write an apology post, explaining how I’ve been “too busy” to post. Following the apology, I’ll post a handful of halfhearted complaints about the ridiculous difficulty of life as I live it.

    Soon after I’ll forget the whole thing, never to post again.

  11. Well lets see, I could donate it to the New York Times editorial board. They might actually learn what the digital realm is about and save a few trees in the process.

    I could donate it to a worthy charity to use as a direct conduit to their donors.

    But, on second thought, or is it the third, I’m a selfish, pigheaded lout. I would use it to broadcast to the world and become “King of the Blogosphere.”

  12. If I win the invitation, I would like to use as my other blog to collect good content from Indonesian Blogger and share to everybody especially for Indonesian People who cares about good content. So the blog would be an Indonesian language base. The idea is coming from Garrett’s Notable Words.

    I like your invitation system, Matt. It’s really inspiring us to write something to get something. So, I will pass the invitation to someone whom really care about good writing too.

  13. Hi promises to become a big international community with member of all social groups.
    I’m working with participants they need a job – young boys and girls or older men and women. most oft hem have physical handicaps .
    I have the idea to give them an international internet platform in the wordpress community to use the principle:
    oh I have a job and the aunt of my brother and his sister has an acquaintance and this acquaintance knows that person X has the knowledge to do this job… πŸ˜‰

    and I know that most of them be able to speak more then one language.

    kindly regards
    and thanks a lot for your offer.

    texto, better known as Monika πŸ˜‰

  14. If given the invite, i’d send a postcard from sunny Oxford (UK) to each previous commentor (and Matt, of course) thus spreading the love both on- and off- line, all documented by the power of the web and WordPress MU.

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  16. For an invite I would tell you that your website displays an error message for the following url (current photo in the upper right corner):

    Error Message:
    ERROR: requested index [-1] out of bounds [26]
    Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /backup/home-two/photomat/public_html/photos/log/classes/Album.php on line 1011

  17. As a series of blog posts, I’d write a completely fictional story in which the ghosts of Alec Guiness and Joe Strummer frequently visit a pregnant, New York midwife and give her sage advise on how to escape the rut she has found herself in. I’ll write a little bit every other day.

  18. So I could use and write about the constantly growing numbers of bloggers who, I might add, will quite possibly turn this place we all live into Planet WordPress.

  19. I play with it for 5 minutes to check out the features as a preview to 1.6, then probably never use it again.

  20. I would use it to support WordPress by writing and developing themes and plugins and host them there. I’d also write tutorials and the like, to help newbies get started with (once the thing goes live, of course).

    So mainly for WordPress-related things that don’t really have to do anything with my blog, and maybe as a personal blog (since the one I have is a technology one).

    That’s about it πŸ™‚

  21. I live in Sweden, where blogs have become “trendy” since a lot of stupid journalists have joined the “revolution” by writing about how drunk they get at all the parties they are invited to. And these blogs are hosted by their employers, the main newspapers in Sweden! I really need this invitation to get some of my lost status back, and to fight the stupidity and reclaim the web!

    (that, and I’m a good guy, so please?)

  22. I would put up a Norwegian blog and make every post ping back to the growing number of norwegian pinging services, so that people can get their eyes up and not use the lame norwegian blog hosting services which we currently have! yup!

  23. I’d use it to gloat over mere serfs who lacked a site, and then become just another member of the crowd once everyone else got one. It’d be like Gmail all over again.

  24. I have a friend’s weblog hosted on my space, that I set up for him. Whenever I upgrade or change certain server settings, I have to retweak it — along with my other weblogs — sometimes at the cost of hours.

    If I had a invite, I’d give it to him, convert his template for him one last time, and get him set up so I could move him off my space without the guilt of leaving him homeless. 8)

  25. I’m planning to develop a similar site based on WordPress mu, for civil societies like CiviBlog. I really need to see the live site of the program, so that I can learn some tips and how you manage the site.

  26. I would use my account to really promote WP to the world. I truly see this as the next big thing in blogging, and I want as many people to know about WP as possible. And by that, I mean people who aren’t WP geeks and don’t know anything about CSS or PHP.

    A year ago, I was that person. I was completely illiterate in the world of blogging and coding. Thanks to the support of the WP community, I feel very comfortable running a blog that has become pretty successful, and (I think) is designed pretty well.

    I want to use my WP account to introduce the non-geek to WP. The Codex is all well and good, but I’ll be honest. A lot of the stuff there is intimidating to those of us who don’t know squat about php.

    I think that I can do a good job of this, as I learned everything from the ground up, and understand how to explain things at a basic level to people who were like me, who want to blog and start a site, but who come into the process knowing nothing.

    I think this, after all, is the goal of

  27. J’aimerais recevoir cette invitation pour non seulement ΓƒΒͺtre le premier français à utiliser mais aussi pour parler de mon sud-ouest (de la France) natal,de la Charente au Pays Basque, du Bordeaux au Cognac, de la lamproie au foie gras, du rugby à la pelote basque en passant par le surf, … Le tout en français et en anglais.

  28. If I had a invite, I’d use it to write about anything. I used to have a subscribed blog account which has expired but so I am looking elsewhere to start a fresh. On August 31st I am going to start my fast which is going to last for eight days. That means I can’t put anything in my mouth for eight days apart from warm water. I’d like a wordpress account as my last πŸ˜›

  29. And I said, I don’t care if they lay me off either, because I told, I told Bill that if they move my desk one more time, then, then I’m, I’m quitting, I’m going to quit. And, and I told Don too, because they’ve moved my desk four times already this year, and I used to be over by the window, and I could see the squirrels, and they were merry, but then, they switched from the Swingline to the Boston stapler, but I kept my Swingline stapler because it didn’t bind up as much, and I kept the staples for the Swingline stapler and it’s not okay because if they take my stapler then I’ll set the building on fire…

  30. I’d use it to shine a spotlight on other blogs that deserve more attention. I read or track hundreds of blogs a day in the course of my work, and I’m always coming across new ones (or new to me). I’d borrow an idea from Steve Rubel and call it “10blogs.” which would also be the only tag/category on the blogs. On at least a weekly basis, I would post a listing of 10 blogs that I think more people should read. I’d also take nominations from readers, and invite themto list their own 10 in the comments on each post.

    So, I guess I’d use it as a service to the blogosphere, to promote under-recognized and under-read blogs.

  31. I would use to help test out the new blog system and 1.6. I would use it to help move people from Blogger/Typepad/MT to or WordPress it’s self. I would use it to move people from Xanga!

  32. I would create a virtual temple to the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

    The revenues from t-shirt and votive candle sales would then go for the dual-proc G5 I want, the one with the dual 30″ Cinema displays….or, you know, maybe a new power cord or something.

  33. I vud uze my Vordpres invit to criet a veblog on veblogs, vebdesain and vebstandards totali vritn in Euroenglish. Ze falloing step is to fors ze converson of HTML tegs to Euroenglish: <bodi> , <blokkuot> , etc.

  34. Whoever wins, they won’t really know what they’ll use their blog for until they start writing it.

    Experience it, record it, then look at the stats and discover that nobody gives a damn about X but that piffling story about Y is getting thousands of hits per day.

  35. Seriously though my mom google-talked me this morning (wha? google-talked? ) and asked how to get a wordpress invite. I was shocked. My mom who spends her days sewing and downloading sewing patterns off the internet wanted to start a blog! I told her I was still working on getting one and that if I got one, the way I understand it, that I’ll be able to invite someone else. So that’s what I would do. I would invite my mom into the WordPress family. Yes I love my mom, so what? It’s not like I live at home or anything.

    So I would use the blog itself for one of the categories of my own blog that I don’t get to spend as much time on.

  36. I would develop a running list of uses for a blog – but not in the way you typically see; in other words, it wouldn’t be so much aimed at getting bloggers to switch to WordPress, but rather getting people who have never used a blog to see why they would use one. Perhaps one each week would be sufficient – demonstrating, and providing links and resources, for more “layman’s” uses of a blog – and I want to stress that part: NOT the typical ideas aimed at specialized fields that are already prominent on the Net, like educators, photo-bloggers, etc. Instead I would want to aim to those who might think they have no use for a blog, or those who rarely get on a computer for that matter. AKA: “How to Get My Mother To Blog (and 51 other ways WordPress is revolutionizing the Net)” – that is of course, assuming I would do one a week for a year ….

  37. I would dedicate a WordPress blog to Middle Eastern and Islamic studies and do my best to create an objective and informative site. There would be categories for commentary on current events, book and article reviews, recipes for the best Middle East dish recipes (how to make the best huumus), etc. I would also provide links to online language-learning tools, useful texts and resources, etc

  38. Bret R. Zaun, I imagine that ERROR: requested index [-1] out of bounds [26] is an intentionally broken Album.php. I would like to hear a (hesitant?) confirmation from Matt about this. If my guess is right, I respect this choice which is to no longer share pictures that depicts not only Matt, but also many friends. It becomes unbearable in PR5(ish) pages.

  39. I would dedicate my invitation to the photography of those small rugs that people put by their front door thresholds in order to protect their carpets or nicely polished floors from the everyday muck that feet can bring in.

    Readers would be invited to send in pictures of their own homes.

    I shall call it, PhotoMat.

  40. I would get the coolest subdomain I could think of, something that shows my super-low user number, and then I’d brag to everyone about how cool I am because of my cool subdomain and how Matt and I are totally buds and we hang out at Hard Rock Cafe and stuff. Oh, and then I’d make sure all my company’s clients know it’s available (or that it soon will be) and recommend that they get on board.

  41. I would use an account on to demonstrate all the different things that are possible within the WordPress framework and that it isn’t just a solution for blogging. A lot of people still steer clear of blogging software as they don’t want their site to be just another blog or even look like one, it is a common belief among sites still being run on CMS’s like phpNuke that if they use WordPress they will become just another blog and that is blatantly wrong.

    I would showcase plugins written by both myself and others including my CSS dropdown menu created by the hierarchical pages in WordPress plus create themes that are more akin to traditional websites that don’t have the usual blog feel to them. Plus of course keep tabs on all the new WordPress developments and how they are going to make WordPress even more versatile.

  42. Well I don’t have this great reason as to why, other than I am curious, and would like to have an invite. But if you want a good lie…err reason. With the blog I would change the world with its message of world peace via the internet and become the number one tech review site on the internet.

  43. So, I guess there’s only 3 hours left until the deadline. It’s amazing to see a post in 9 hours can get 65 comments. Oh but you can’t count this comments out since I already made one on #5. And I guess those who already have a account should not be counted either LOL.

  44. I’d use my blog to continue writing about digital media in education, expand my writing about the value of weblogs in education, and showcase the excellent quality available in open source tools.

  45. If I had a blog, I would give it to one of my xanga- or livejournal- or blogspot- using friends and show them the Way of the Light. Failing that, if they should wish to choose the Path of Darkness and ensure their very Doom, I would give it to someone else. Hark! Let the cries of WORDPRESS.COM ring, and ring verily and proliferately, and let the masters of XANGA.COM tremble in their wake!

  46. I would use it to achieve world peace, and to help feed all the starving children in Africa, because you know the children are the future; teach them well.

    Once all the poor starving children can subscribe to RSS feeds, we’re set.

  47. I would use the wordpress invite as a launching pad for my eventual goal of taking over the world. I wouldn’t be one of those lame King Loius “The Lazy” IX either! I will give everyone free candy and free wireless routers. Gas would always be cheap too, but only on individual cases. I’m not giving cheap gas to anyone who watched Twin Peaks, just based on principle!

    If you give me the account, I will make sure they leave a special place in my epitaph just for “Photo Matt”. I’ll have one of my artistically-inclined concubines draw up a special likeness of you.



  48. I’m probably the best-known blogger in my part of the state of Illinois. That’s not saying much, I know. But I do take that with a bit of responsibility to use my site to promote blogging and community journalism. I’d use a free Word Press.Com site as a community group blog to perform citizen journalism. I’d invite neighborhood activists, students, and even select politicians of all pursuasions to reporters.

  49. I would use this new invite to display the transformation I’m going through.

    My goal is to lose 100 lbs by Jan 1 2007 by doing it the healthy and drug-free way.

    No surgerys or fad drugs. I want to show people it can be done and give a little motivation to us chunky peoples out there.

    Ken Savage – 11 pounds closer to his goal.

  50. Well I’d use my wordpress blog to start a new blog on web architecture and cluster design. It’s something I want to stay up on anyway and getting a free wordpress blog would be a good excuse to just go ahead and start it.

    That and I’ll be able to play with and review it for my other blog (


  51. Well, I would use it to chronicle one guy in High School in San Francisco. I could talk about my songwriting, politics, web design, my almost addictive love of Elton John’s music, and other topics definitely worth reading about. All while using the best blogging software on the planet!

  52. I don’t have a pitty story…I just think it would be cool to have one…but if you guys are going to sell space like TypePad than I’ll totally buy mine just to support the development of WP anyhow. But hell aren’t we ALL in WP anyway AND most of us already own domain names….see Matt, see what you’ve created!! We’re all insane over the name “WordPress”

    But I’d use mine to link to my own blog….what else?

  53. I hold badgers hostage for fun. As a matter of fact, I have a whole slew of them in my closet… just waiting for the right time to negotiate over something that I would find valuable, and here it is!

    So, if you give me the invite, I will release all of the badgers in my closet out into the wilderness. Let them do whatever those crazy badgers do. I’m also holding hostage a few emus and a llama. I have a fairly big closet. My first blog post will be about …

    Oh wait, am I too late?

  54. I’d use my invite to have give away the invite I’d then get to the 91st person to post a comment on my site… just to keep the pattern going. πŸ˜‰ Oh, yeah, I’d also run a hot WordPress (of course) serialized-story blog.

  55. I’d solve world hunge… okay, fine, I’d use it to post mornic comments that I think are witty so I can ask my friends if they read my blog.

  56. I’d use it to influence the media to buy everyone in the world a puppy, so they can feel the love that I feel now.

    Well, no not really. But I’d post the cure for AIDS in the first blog post.

    If I had the cure I would.

    Nah… to be honest, I really just want to see what the admin is like. Heck a few screenshots would likely satisfy me. I’m also wondering if we’ll be seeing the multi-blog capability in WordPress soon. Running multiple blogs with 1 install would be super sweet. A big missing feature right now (really the only dealbreaker for some people).

  57. I’d give my wordpress pass to the departed soul of the late great Hunter S Thompson so he could continue his work as the maddest greatest bastard who ever lived…

    “No man is so foolish but he may sometimes give another good counsel, and no man so wise that he may not easily err if he takes no other counsel than his own. He that is taught only by himself has a fool for a master.”

    Hunter S. Thompson
    1938 – 2005

  58. I’d use it out of curiosity, then get bored of it and go back to my own WP-run site. Over time I would occasionally remember it, and post a link to my real site, but this facade wouldn’t last forever, and I’d eventually become a name squatter, making sure noone stole my username. Any attempts to steal my username would result in death and/or pub trivia nights for all involved.

    Alternative answer: MAGIC!

  59. I’d use it to make an entire blog based around everyone in my house: me, my husband, our ferret, and the army of sockmonkeys that I’m creating. We don’t want to take over the world, just our city. Is that too much to ask?!?!?

  60. I really don’t see why built-in multi-blog capability is a must have feature for some people, it is much easier and cleaner to have separate installs. Sure some hosts only priovide one MySQL database (if yours does then I’d suggest shopping around though) but even then you can still just use a different prefix for different sets of tables, the disk foot print of an initial WordPress install shouldn’t be a problem either so why is it that multi-blogs is a must have feature for some people?

    The only time I see it being required is in situations like where that is the whole point of the website, is there that many people that want to run a similar service? Just curious that is all. πŸ™‚

  61. I would use my invite to help do fundraising for Camp-Mak-a-Dream, a cancer camp in Montana for children and young adults with cancer.

    Please Matt consider the invite.

  62. I believe that Matt has closed the comment (look at comment number 81) so the comments below it will perhaps not be accepted? Matt I am curious about the winner lol

  63. I’d say comment #101 is the most noble cause, and would gladly give it away if I actually got it (comment #8 and #10).

  64. Bonjour de France,

    We use already WordPress for our networking association of IT and media profesionnal in South of France and mediterranean area. (see our adress

    I would use to demonstrate the different things that are possible within the
    Wordpress framework and with a focus on Tourism and travel business.

    I think we can built some great solution in the travel industry, thnanks to your plate-forme and our expertise in travel and tourism area.

    best regards from France


  65. If I had a WordPress invite I would not make a blog with it but instead sell it on ebay so you could have a second “look dude someone is selling an invite on ebay” post.

    It’s a one in (what looks to be) two-hundred chance to get the invite, but that’s a chance I am willing to take.

  66. Okay I’ve started to send out invites again, I picked three from this thread to receive them. In a week we can check back in with them and see how their blogging is going. Thank you to everyone who entered, if you guys weren’t so darn interesting and clever this would have been a lot easier. πŸ˜‰

  67. I am slightly interested in informing the world about a society which has been a modern success story of unremitting lethargy, rapidly growing indifference and superbly increasing stagnation. In this day and age there’s very little an apathete can’t do if he really hasn’t made up his mind if he wants to or not. So, why not fail to invite me to have a WordPress blog today, so that The British Apathy League can fail to establish a sound presence on the world stage, promoting inactivity to the world. I would like to thank you for your uninterest in the business of the Society, without your whole-hearted inertia the League would not be where it is today, and I wish you every success in your private vegetation and public apathy.

  68. What OMEITOR said. πŸ™

    It took me until late December to get a Gmail invite. I think it’s gonna be a long, long time until I get an invite too…

  69. Honestly i would give it to my church because they have spoken of wanting to get a website. We are doing some nice things in this community and it would be cool to have a site that would not only showcase what we do but also just share GOD’s word to someone who may not be able to visit.

    Plus they have been so supportive with me it’s just a small way for me to give back.

  70. Damn, Seán, you almost make me feel bad for wanting to use my WP invite to set up an atheist blog. πŸ™‚

    P.S. Matt I’ll do your laundry for you if I can get a WP invite!

  71. Ok…don’t make me beg…’cause I might.

    Dante, the commentor above me said he’ll do your laundry… I can do one better. I’d whip up some brownies for ya. Ay???

  72. I like to dream and watch my dreams become reality. With a account, my dreams will have a nice way of reaching into other’s life.
    Oh, and pardon my english… it’s not my first language…

  73. I am a China BSP admin
    My English is very poor
    I am very love wordpress software
    But my web host was fired so I need a ID
    Would you like to give me a invites
    Thanks very much

  74. I LOVE WordPress.

    Every time I found out a WordPress blog I dreamt I could have one.

    I am an italian writer and artist, and I would use it for my *modern fairy tales*, my project of illustrated magazine for dreamers of any age.
    There will be my personal, “shadowy” alter ego telling about misteries, magic, travels and… everyday’s life.

    Please, make me happy with a W.P. invitation πŸ™‚ this is the right way to start it.


  75. I would use it for my studies in business informatics to stay in touch with my collegues for software development group projects.

    Cheers, Ralph

  76. I would use my blog to reach out to people with concerns about global issues and create an open forum of communication with international parties interested in making a difference in light of “The Constant Gardener” and “Lord of War” coming out.