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Can anyone read what this says?

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According to Babel Fish it’s Chinese – simplified.

The title of the book appears to be:

WordPress : A Tribe Standard.

If I knew Chinese I’d probably tell you more, but that’s the best I could do.

Its Chinese Traditional. I believe that magazine should either be from Taiwan or Hong Kong, but most likely Taiwan.

部格落 == “blog”

網誌 == “webzine”

架站 == not too sure about this one

ç‹‚ == used in this particular context, it means “craze”

Matt, given the abundance of other English words that are commonly associated with hosting companies, I’d say this looks like some kind of hosting company ad that has WordPress as a pre-installed package. I put a more colorful guestimation on the Flickr page.


My Chinese is terribly rusty, but from what I can gather, it’s some kind of book about WordPress with an included CD that contains WordPress 1.5. The title is *really* idiomatic – “The Standards Tribe” is the literal translation, and it does seem to match the illustration. The tagline doesn’t make much sense to me 架站 literally translates as “station” if that’s any help.

Han’s explaination is correct. As a Chinese, I guess the should be a magazine from Taiwan, covered some infomation about setup a weblog with wordpress.

“網誌” == “部格落”

“架站” == configure a web site.

OK, the first line reads “This book first explains setting up a web site on a server, then the basic setup and use of WordPress, as well as using plugins to enhance the program, using WordPress to create Chinese sites, and more.”

That translation isn’t anything close to exact, as I’m having to guess much of it from context, but it is a book about WordPress and blogging in general.

Yea, it is in Traditional Chinese.
The title underneath “WORDPRESS” is just the sound translation of blog in Chinese.
The yellow subtitle aligned to right means Web Journal Hosting Maniac or Blog Hosting Craze.

I hope this helps you a bit.

I have no problem to read chinese(simplified & traditional) but my english is poor. I try my best here.


Journal Hosting Maniac(yellow text)

Start from here > basic webserver setup, tricks to install Chinese WordPress, admin user interface detail explaination

Super plugins > Over 10 blog plugins that can’t find in Xuite, MSN, Wretch(a popular Taiwan blog hosting site)

Show off(gallery) > 4 ways: Exhibit, SPG, Qdig and popular photo gallery – Flickr

Very easy migration > After testing on localhost, do not need to reinstall at remote host. Details on good migration tricks

Money saving methods > With DynDNS, ADSL and a computer. Unlimited blog and photo gallery space.

Personalize > 100% template freedom, unique personalized blog

Easy blog Migration > Using RSS feeds migrate any existing blog to WordPress

— END —

Hope this helps.

Uh. this is chinese traditional, and i only know chinese simplified.
and it’s a bit too small for me to read the details.

1st line says something about asking you to start playing.
2nd line says something about powerful plugins
3rd line : no idea
4th line: easy import
5th line: save money
6th line: 100% full personlisation (styles and templates)
7th line: Easy access *i think* With usuage of RSS

then there’s a mention of Installing chinese translation of wordpress.

then a repeat.

this is traditional chinese.

this is a book to introduce how to construct a blog based on wordpress and how to transfer your original blog to your blog which is constructed out od wordpress.

title: Worepress Blog.
subtitle: devotees of blogging

the following may be the titles of each chapter in this book(i tried to translate into english)

1st- at the beginning> introduction of WordPress
2nd- plug-in> including some plug-in for wordpress only which cannot be found in taiwan website suppliers’ blog service, ex: Xuit…..
3rd- how to show your pix.> including introduction of Flickr
and so on……..

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