Search WP with Firefox Extensions

Plugins to search both the WordPress Codex and WordPress Support forums from your Firefox search bar. Cool!

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Nice, sure…but why would I need it? Firefox already has the QuickSearch function that lets me customize searches and set up codex, support or any other search under the sun myself in about five seconds without having to install a plugin. I just don’t really see a point in having to install something to do a service that’s already available to you without it. Just right click on any search box and select “add a keyword for this search”, give it a simple keyword like wpc for WP Codex and then you’re done. type wpc into the address bar followed by your search string and you’re get your search results.

For some users, installing a plugin and using it is a lot easier than trying to figure out how to set up custom searches. Why do people buy canned soup that already has the water in it? How hard is it to buy the condensed stuff and add your own water? The point is that there is always someone who wants the ready-to-serve product, and this applies to technology as much as it does soup. 🙂

To be fair, you can set up a link that installs the custom search thing at a click. The difference is more in the everyday usage of the thing; some people like using keywords that they remember, others like choosing a search engine from their search bar (also there’s a firefox extension that emulates the mozilla search sidebar, letting you see results from different installed engines—I can’t recall its name at the moment). Whatever works for you.


I get your point and you’re right. Outreach to those who are less technically inclined or inquisitive about the programs they use is most important.

daveb: It’s purely user preference, not a matter of technical ability. I, myself, don’t like remembering keywords for QuickSearches so I use the search bar, so I coded the Codex plugin for it. You don’t have to like it and I’m not asking you to, so please stop griping about it and move on. If it’s not useful to you, don’t worry about it, then, since it obviously won’t be of any use to you.

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