Feng Shui Office

Lifehacker tells us how to set up a Feng Shui office space, I think I break all of these.

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Feng Shui isn’t real. I saw a documentary where “Feng Shui consultants” were giving all kinds of different advice for the same place.

More like “Feng Shui Office for People Who Get to Pick The Best Office in The Building and Have Their Wall Painted”. 🙂

Feng shui is real. But most of the feng shui consultants arent real.

1. Declutter. Keep your spaces open and free of clutter. (this is correct : 80% important)
2. Face the doorway. Place your desk away from the door and positioned so you welcome and greet those who enter. (this is correct : 80% important)
3. Round off protruding corners. Rounded edges “let energy flow better”. (this is correct : 50% important)
4. Face South. Where possible, choose a south-facing rectangular room for your office. (this is correct : 20% important)
5. Choose good colors. Use soft low tones for the walls such as cream or pale yellow. Keep rugs dark in the deep blues or blacks. (this is correct 30% important)
6. Get a fish. Fish tanks and aquariums are very feng shui, promising to enhance wealth. (this is incorrect : 99% bullshit)

p/s: those rating only for reference.

Hey Paul, I think we saw the same show, Penn and Teller’s Bullshit. It was really interesting! I agree, pop-culture feng shui is total crap. But obviously having a well organized working space will make life happier, happiness equates to productivity which increases potential for wealth right?