Kramer Plugin

The Kramer Plugin fills out your comments with information from Technorati and their built-in referrer analyzer to give you the most comprehensive look possible at all feedback to your posts. Sounds pretty cool, I may have to try it out here or on the WP dev blog.

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I will try this too…
seems interesting…

Kramer.. I’m a little new about blog…
and really I haven’t foud an extensive information about Pingback or trackback…, and for that I think that know I can’t understand you…
and I can’t see the good things 🙁

bye bye.. 🙂

Just as an FYI, watch your blog for lag after an installation of Kramer. If that starts to happen, the comments table is getting chock full of “stuff” from Kramer.

I was using Kramer for a while, and I thought it was pretty neat. Until it picked up a link from a splog (spam blog). I deleted the comment, but Kramer re-inserted it later. Doh!

It may be that if you flag such comments as ‘spam’, that it won’t re-get them. But I regularly clean out spam-flagged comments to keep my tables efficient.

Hm… I’ve not had any problem with spam from Technorati, so Kramer just trusts those links. I’ll put a feature into the next version whereby the same incoming link won’t be imported from Technorati again if you delete it. Thanks. It is true that if you left it as “spam,” it wouldn’t be re-imported, but many people don’t use the “spam” feature or purge it out like you do.

Honestly, I may add an option to turn off the querying of Technorati, which is funny, because that was the plugin’s primary purpose, originally. I’m finding that the internal ref analyzer/auto-pinger is finding the vast majority of the links first. Inevitably, someone follows the link before your Technorati cache expires for that entry.

Hey Mark it probably might be a next move to move away from Technorati, or perhaps add support for other engines, its amazing to hear that the ref analyzer is picking most things up, kudos to you, you have taken it to another level.