Katrina Metasearch

Yahoo has done a Katrina people metasearch, possibly the most useful thing anyone in the tech community has done thus far. Yahoo just went up several notches in my book.

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Have you seen the open source PeopleFinder Project?

They are trying to aggregate all the data from the various lost-people-finders that have been set up.

(1) Creating a technology specification for easily exchanging refugee information. A volunteer effort is working to assist online databases in implementing the specification.
Volunteer here (techies):

(2) Coordinating volunteers that are writing software that takes information from online databases and putting it into a central database provided by Foundation.
Volunteer here (software engineers):

(3) Organizing a massively parallel volunteer data entry project to enter refugee data posted to online bulletin boards into a central database by hand.
Volunteer here (regular people):

(4) Market the Katrina PeopleFinder Project and recruit volunteers.
Volunteer here (marketing folks):

Internet speedier to respond, online audience segmentation

I love the raw speed and power of the Internet to mobilize information, resources, and people, faster than (much of) the government or mainstream media:
Blogs and first hand accounts: Metroblogging New Orleans, Survival of New Orleans blog, Katrina …

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