Get Flock and

Want to know a secret? If you have Flock you can get on without an invite. Enjoy!

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Judging from various sources, it’s like people WANT the stupid “Browser Wars” to happen. Again.

I’ve seen a few posts here and there about Flock over the past couple of days or so but I didn’t find it interesting enough to follow through and find out what it was, but once it appeared on Slashdot I figured it was worth a look.

In addi…

I’m guessing is pretty close to being ready for primetime, because it doesn’t seem to restrict itself “only to flock users”. Once people get the link, I’m assuming anyone can sign up, unless this offer has some kind of expiry date..

[…] A última fricada informática é o Flock, un navegador baseado en Mozilla en fase entre alfa e beta que leva o calificativo de ’social’. Clon do Firefox, engade algunhas curiosas funcionalidades: – gardar favoritos en web, etiquetalos e compartilos vía; – escribir nunha bitácora que traballe con WordPress, Movable Type, Typepad ou Blogger, engadindo fotos de Flickr; – almacear e navegar doadamente mediante rss. O aparello este detectou perfectamente o sistema de publicación de Endurance con só darlle o enderezo da web, pero ten problemas cós acentos e os tags que emprega. E, desgraciadamente, non é moi configurable, polo que non podo marcar as mensaxes para publicalas como ‘minipost’ (esas pequenas cousas que aparecen na columna dereita) nen clasificar as entradas. O dos rss mólame bastante, posto que ten unha funcionalidade que levaba tempo buscando: o programa permite ver, dadas varias fontes, todas as entradas xuntas nunha mesma páxina. Seguirei fedellando… Por certo, tal e como anuncia Matt o trebello permite facerse cunha conta de WordPress, que inclúe hosting. Bó momento para todos os que desexan pasarse de MSNSpaces ou Blogger a sistemas con algo máis de xeito. […]

With all due respect, I am always slightly apprehensive when it comes to using forks. I am also aware of the problem associated with forking an application myself. Once you lag behind, the long-invested dedication can wind up being disposed of. Flock appears to me like a conspicuous rationale behind Mozilla becoming a foundation and now going by the identity of As regards and the Flock relationship, I might give it a try.

I must be blind as a bat. I’ve got Flock already – visit and don’t see any way to get an account just because I’m using Flock – am I missing somethign REALLY obvious here?

[…] Incidentally, <a href=””></a&gt; which is the hosted arm of the powerful <a href=””>blogging tool</a> which is also invite only <a href=””>is giving away accounts</a> if you download Flock. It’s pretty interesting, basically you have to go to <a href=””></a&gt; but the page checks for your browser version heh […]

[…] Well, and Flock have teamed up, so Flock users don’t need to wait for an invite or wait for the site to leave beta.  And, miracle of miracles, not only did the invite expiration free up my reserved username, but no one else had taken it! […]

[…] There are other ways to blog from Flock. You can select some text and select “Blog this” on the context menu, drag and drop text to the “Blog Topbar” or use the “Shelf”. None of them impressed me. The only hot thing about the blogging capabilities of Flock so far is that if you want a weblog, you can get one from it even without an invite. […]

[…] Matt has just announced that you can get a account by downloading Flock. Therefore I guess there should be no more demand on the “gold ticket”, as everyone can go and download this supposed to be “Web 2.0″ browser. It has definitely remove the “exclusiveness” of — but I guess it is all part of scaling up the business. […]

[…] I’m blogging this from Flock, having recently recived my invitation. Matt points out that if you have Flock, you have an implicit invite. I would trackback from this post to his, and put this post in the category, but I don’t think that the Flock post editor lets me do that.   […]

I hate to say this but don’t you think user-agent based exclusiveness is rather useless? Anyone can use a Firefox browser and switch the user agent to Flock and can open an account 🙂

Though I have to say it was a good marketing tactic from Flock.

[…] I’ve got two invites to give away – they expire within about 5 days so I will give them to the first two people to comment asking for them. Of course I don’t really see the point in the invites any more since you can get them for free by using Flock, and now that you can get them for free without using Flock they’re worth even less. […]

[…] Some time ago, when was an invite only beta except for Flock users, Matt and I were discussing the challenges with dealing with spammers automating signing up at I suggested using CAPTCHAs. A CAPTCHA is a type of challenge-response test used in computing to determine whether or not the user is human. CAPTCHA – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia […]