IP4IT Wrap-up

I only made it to the IP4IT conference on Tuesday and flew back that night but it was actually quite well-done so next time I’m going to try and make more of it. My panel in particular was great fun, with Jimmy Wales (who blogged it! I can die happy now.), Peter Saint-Andre, and Christopher Dean. The conversation at lunch was just as interesting, straying toward identity systems and dealing with web spam. The Wikipedia has fairly sophisticated ways to deal with spam, it sounded like there could be some interesting ways to work with Akismet as well. On the trade show floor I met some guys from Coyote Point Systems, which has a terrible website but their products sound very interesting and are a third to a quarter the price of similar offerings from F5 or Alteon. Anyone have experience with them?

4 thoughts on “IP4IT Wrap-up

  1. CoyotePoint: I’ve used their Equalizer product for a client .. it was a few years ago mind you. The product itself was rock solid. I probably have case notes from somewhere if you want to know the exact model number.

    They ran a (what looks like) stripped down FreeBSD on a slim box, it’s very easily configured and it just-frickin’ worked.

    Yeah, we picked them for price point too 🙂 dying stages of a dot-com, so budgets were tight all round. We needed something better than round-robin DNS for load balancing 6 to 10 servers and they delivered. I would use their products again, FWIW.