I was at Feedster earlier today and they very non-chalantly mentioned wordpress.feedster.com, which basically Feedster blog search restricted to WordPress.com blogs, which is pretty cool and I’ll definitely find handy. Update: It searches all WP blogs, not just WP.com.

8 thoughts on “WordPress.Feedster

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I’m Scott the cofounder of Feedster and I wanted to say thank you for the nice comments. I’m really loving WordPress since I started using it for my personal blog.

    As far as NON wordpress blogs showing up on the results, we haven’t found that to be the case. What we have seen is that it can easily appear as if non wp blogs are there. The general situation this occurs in is when people have as the title of their post a url. So you make the title of your post be something like http://www.blah.com/ and since that’s in our result list, people think its a non WP blog but that’s not the case.

    But — it is BETA — so if you think there is a problem either goto http://feedster.com/feedback.php and leave a support ticket or just leave a url to the Feedster search results page that has non wp results on it and I’ll see that it gets fixed.