WordPress.com Open

We’ve decided to open up WordPress.com for signups without invites for a bit. The service has been scaling very well since we got the problems from the move worked out. With that done and WordPress 2.0 in its final stages, there is a lot more time to focus on some cool features and common requests for WP.com now. (The design there has been updated, but is still just a placeholder.)

57 thoughts on “WordPress.com Open

  1. Slightly offtopic but is wordpress 2.0 just wp1.6 renamed?

    I’d be interested to know what the common wp.com suggestions are as well?

  2. I hope there won’t be any splogs like on Blogger. And yes, I’m also interesting to know what “some cool features and common requests for WP.com” are. Keep it coming, Matt.

  3. @ Ben: Yes, WordPress 2.0 is exactly the same as what was before called WordPress 1.6. On release it will be named ‘2.0’. Previously, there was ‘1.0’, ‘1.2’, ‘1.5’ and now we’re jumping to ‘2.0’.

  4. 2.0 – it’s so much bigger…And yet, if you were Microsoft, you’d have foregone numbers by now and we’d be at WordPress Z or something. 🙂