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Just landed in Houston, it’s chilly here. The opening up of got a nice write-up in Red Herring earlier today. Just to clarify two things from the article quickly: I’m working on with Andy, Donncha, and Ryan and I do think our distributed database architecture (which I’ll write more about later, it’s nothing too fancy) will help us scale cheaply but I’m also a strong believer in big things from small teams, much in the spirit of 37signals.

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Congratulations on your exposure. I hope that the infrastructure is ready for a sudden influx of traffic :). Isn’t it great to have a blogging platform just as powerful as MT (better probably?) and having it hosted for free…

[…] Matt finally reveals what perhaps a few people have known or suspected for quite a while. I’m working with him, Andy and Ryan on I am very very happy with what we’ve achieved so far and can’t wait to get cracking on the new features planned! Related Stories ( […]

I am really excited about you guys opening the doors. We are having fun introducing wordpress to all of our blogger friends.

Yeah, 37 Signals is the dream company for entrepreneurial geeks, three guys living across the world, build a product that makes money from the start without the need for VC, and the do it well.