French Phrases

After reading about Andy’s adventures I decided I better Google up a French phrasebook for study on the flight. The first hit looks like it would get me in to a little more trouble than I’m looking for. 🙂

14 thoughts on “French Phrases

  1. Sounds like phrases the french would say and that you’d need to translate into english 🙂

    david – just avoid this one: Combien pour la fillette. Unless you can make bail

  2. I also read Andy’s adventures earlier and found really interesting his vampires vision ^_^
    In fact there are 4 ways to come into Paris from the airport.
    *) Air France buses which are going into the West side of Paris (“Porte Maillot” and “Arc de Triomphe” stops)
    *) Metropolitan network (called RATP) buses which are going to the Opera stop.
    *) The same ride Andy took: a shuttle at the airport which is doing a circle between the 5 terminals and the train station (called RER line B). Take then the train toward Paris and get out at “Gard du Nord” or “Chatelet”. It’ll depend where your Hotel is. (btw, for the whole ride you can use the same ticket and the shuttle at the airport is free)
    *) The taxi which will cost around 50 EUR (expensiver after 8pm)

    Everyone working in the airport is peaking english, so don’t worry…

    And if you want someone to pick you up, don’t hesitate to ask…

  3. I made the mistake of taking two years of French in High School. (I say mistake because since high school I’ve had maybe two opportunities to speak French (a couple visits to Canada, eh) and countless opportunities to speak Spanish.


    david ~ I only really remember je vais ala w. c.

  4. Well, I actually speak french, and I can say this little tutorial is hilarious 🙂

    I should do another one like that, but translating the sentences to “Québec”‘s french 🙂

  5. Welcome to the frog country

    in french : bienvenue au pays des grenouilles ;-)))

    Have fun in Paris and business in Les Blogs 2

    regards from South of France


  6. Did you prepare some business cards ?
    “Photo Matt — malchanceux aux cartes” ?
    “WordPress — la solution personnelle de publication à la pointe de la semantique” ?

  7. Always handy if you have to give a speech, or meet a dignitary (and spelled phonetically because you don’t speak the lingo):

    Shur ray-gret may pan-ta-lon son trow sair-ray.

    Which means “It is my great honour to make your aquaintance”, honest.

  8. lol yeah I know about that site! I’m only 13, but I’m learning fast. And when I found that site they were the first things I really memorized. It’s awesome to diss people in French because they have no clue what I’m saying! It rocks. 😀

  9. These are great.But I wouldn’t use them on my French teacher because she’d know what they meant. My favorite French phrase at the moment has to be ‘my coffee tastes like sock juice.”