Paris has the most confusing airport, although I suppose any airport is confusing if you don’t speak the language. Franck was right. I ended up chickening out and taking a taxi, and I’m not checked in and settled. First order of business: find an adapter for these weird plugs. The weather seems to have cleared up so I’m going to venture out and explore a bit.

12 thoughts on “Landed

  1. Man, I was in France last week twice for business and now I really HATE Charles de Gaulle airport… it’s the worst I encountered till now.
    Train connection from the airport was splendid though… 😀

  2. I want to that Airport around ’98-’99 and we couldn’t find my sister for a while because she was on a different level and then we took an elevator and there she was.

  3. *First order of business: find an adapter for these weird plugs.* Eou are right it’s a very big problem. When I was visiting German. I can’t to used my laptop because I couldn’t find adapter =(

  4. “the adapters aren’t that weird. The US ones are weird”

    ‘Merican or British… both weird 😉 Continental European is a common thing 😉

    BTW if you own an Apple Laptop just buy a Travel Kit to swap the plugs at the end of the cord. It can handle 110-240 so US, EU, Asia, AU – everywhere fine 😉

  5. When I was visiting Japan next summer, I was stunned at how everything I could see was translated from Japanese to English. We were able to navigate it relatively easily.

    Although the thing is, with French or any other language that uses the Roman character set, you can at least look for cognates or compare something to a map. When we were in Kyoto, the streets were very poorly marked, and the signs that were up were full of kanji.

  6. You would have had better luck looking for an adaptor at the airport in the US. You’ll probably find one, but it will be twice as expensive and harder to locate.

    Worst airport for me though was Chicago O’Hare… pretty neon there though. London’s ones are pretty simple, bit of a mission to get back to the parking, but not confusing.

  7. I recommend going to a travel store and looking for a simple 3$ or less adapter just to convert your actual plug on your laptop/device to the Euro rounded two prong standard. First make sure your adapter can handle the extra voltage. Most I say most, in my opinion 99%+, new appliances and electronics accept the higer end voltage. On the adapter or your ac power supply you should see a sticker providing volage details. Look for a 100-240 Volt read and a 50-60hz cycle. We in the U.S. use110-220 volts at 60 cycles and Europe uses 120-240 volts at 50 cycles. I hope that isn’t confusing and I got my little bit of info across. And one comment about the worst airport. Chicago O’ Hare has to be the worst airport I’ve had to deal with on my recent trip back from europ. Not only was the flight delayed for 5 hours, we sat on the tarmac for two hours waiting for a runway to open up. Stupid Chicago!