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Paris Meetup Today

Sorry for the short notice, but I lost track of time yesterday and we ended staying out pretty late. The Paris meetup today will be small and casual because of the late notice, but I’ll be at Cafe Beaubourg from 6-8pm with Tony Conrad of Sphere. We’ll try to sit in a visible location, I’ll be wearing a dark grey hoodie and jeans, and I’ll probably have my laptop out. 🙂

Paris and London WordPress Meetups

I’m going to be in Europe next week to speak at the Future of Web Apps in London, and I’ll be spending a few days in Paris beforehand. I’d love to meet up with WordPress-minded folks in both. Let’s do a Paris meetup on Sunday, September 30th and one in London on Tuesday the 2nd or Thursday the 4th. Leave a comment (with your email) if you can make it and we’ll nail down the details in the next day or two.

London Troubles

Geez, I should have stayed in Paris! When I arrived at my hotel in SoHo London last night around midnight I found out they had no record of my reservation from Orbitz and no rooms available. What makes this worse is my reservation for 4 nights had already been charged. Every hotel in town was booked solid for the night. Several hours later I found myself in a hotel waaaay out by Heathrow and now instead of exploring London I’m trying to clear things up, find a place to stay in town tonight, and catch up with work I was planning to do last night.


Paris has the most confusing airport, although I suppose any airport is confusing if you don’t speak the language. Franck was right. I ended up chickening out and taking a taxi, and I’m not checked in and settled. First order of business: find an adapter for these weird plugs. The weather seems to have cleared up so I’m going to venture out and explore a bit.