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Podcast Interview

While I was in Cork, Ireland Tom Raftery interviewed me and Donncha for a podcast that is now live on his site. I haven’t had a chance to listen to it all through yet but it was fun talking to him, and the accents are awesome.

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Congrats on the podcast interview Matt, you deserved it. I was reading up on some of your comments too, during the web 2.0 semantics conference recently. you had some good insight about Google, thanks.

It was a great podcast. I liked what you have done with the Regulus theam on

Is there any chance that we can get the ability to select a photo of our choice for the wordpress defult 1.5 theme? So people could load a photo to the net or flickr and could paste the url into the theme editor.

I made the suggestion to Ben also but you are handling

The main reason that I am wanting it to work on is that it would be a big draw for people who want more customisation.