Automattic Toni

Another nice birthday present! I have no idea (really) how he got this, but Om has the scoop on Yahoo VP Toni Schneider leaving to join Automattic. We were originally going to announce this at the end of the month when Toni actually left but I guess now is as good a time as any. πŸ™‚ Toni was the CEO of Oddpost and after joining Yahoo led, amoung other things, their really cool developer network.

I first met Toni shortly after I moved to San Francisco and I’ve wanted him to be a part of Automattic pretty much since the idea first entered my mind. We’ve spent many long meals over the past year discussing the Automattic idea before it even had a name. I’ve been on cloud nine since (somehow) I convinced him to leave the incredibly cushy corporate job and rough it out in startup world again. I’m very very excited about some of the things coming down the line.

Update: Toni has blogged about it here. He also has a blog that used to have a bunch of cool cars on it, hopefully that’ll come back somewhere. πŸ™‚

Update 2: It’s on Digg, and I’m curious what linking to the Digg story will do. Digg it if you think it’s interesting.

17 thoughts on “Automattic Toni

  1. JeezLouise… not bad for Matt2.2 at all. Thanks for making the rest of us feel like moldy bags of weevil infested flour. Happy Birthday!

  2. Wow, so now I can really say I knew you when… πŸ˜€ To think, it doesn’t even seem like that long ago that I bribed you to come to my house and update my site to WP for me … now you have a CEO. I mean, how cool is that???

    Happy belated birthday!