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New Theme Competition

Someone is running a WordPress 2.0 theme competition with some pretty sweet prizes. Winners of previous competitions run by Alex have gotten a ton of exposure all over the blogosphere. I think there is so much new functionality possible with the new functions in 2.0 that themes like Regulus take advantage of that it should be a factor in the competition somehow.

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I wish the deadline wasn’t so soon so that I could join in the fun, but I doubt I’d be able to come up with anything I like enough for the public to use by the end of February…

[…] Matthew Mullenweg noted a WordPress 2.0 theme competition coming up. I like looking at competitions like this for ideas, but I very rarely use the themes. The problem is that while the designs are sometimes pretty you can’t really trust that the underlying structure is solid. A number of the themes in this competition took forever to load. This could have been due to the server, but one theme crashed my browser, and that’s probably because of errors in the underlying code. […]