30 Boxes

I’ve been really digging 30 Boxes, as reviewed by Mr Hawk here and Mr Malik here, I’m moving all of my calendaring (online and off) into it. They’re doing some neat stuff with profiles and sharing that I think will take people a while to fully grok. The only thing I think it needs is better timezone handling (I travel a lot). Check out their blog. (Powered by WP.) Update: I keep finding cool features like it automatically detects when you enter a birthday and offers to repeat it every year. The whole site is like a giant easter egg.

13 thoughts on “30 Boxes

  1. This seems like a really cool site. Oh, wait. This isn’t even in BETA yet! There’s nothing there! AArgh!

    But seriously, what good is a calendar that only has 30 boxes. What was it like using this lame app on January 31?

  2. LOL Scott.

    If this lives up to the hype then count me in, been looking for a good ‘smart’ online calendar app for ages… roll on Sunday!

  3. I still prefer the free and full-featured http://www.Airset.com as it allows me to create multiple calendars that I can see all at once, separately, or in various combinations. My family shares one account with a calendar each for mom at work, dad at work, mom at home, son at home/school, and “fyi/maybe.” I have it set up so I can see all the “at home” calendars at once and when I’m at work, I can view my work calendar and my personal calendar only. The possibilities are endless. PLUS, Airset offers a blog, contacts, tasks lists for each calendar. (Another Airset-using mom has her son’s homework assignments emailed to his cell phone while he’s on the bus going home from school.)

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