WSJ On WordPress

It’s a new year and new people are using WordPress. On the heels of and the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal has launched a new law blog powered by WordPress. Hat tip: Blog Herald.

12 thoughts on “WSJ On WordPress

  1. Maybe I’m just not that observant, but how do you _know_ it’s WordPress powered? There is nothing in the source to say it is, like the generator meta tag, for example. I’m not saying it isn’t pwered by WordPress, I’m just curious.

  2. There’s a bad behaviour header, the trackback link and feed links are trailed with /trackback/ and /feed/. The URL structure. The way the title of the permalinks say “Permanent Link:”. The class names in the HTML. The WP-Cache HTML insert. The wp-comments-post.php comment script.

    I can usually spot a WP blog within a few seconds. 🙂

  3. If you look at the page source there are several good clues, including the use of Bad Behavior and WP-Cache. Plus, I would imagine the WSJ didn’t do this in a vacuum.

  4. James, look at the last line of the source…

    !– Cached page served by WP-Cache —

    Plus, the src of the rss image: src=””

    Those are kinda giveaways 🙂