Note to self

When flying to Canada, BRING YOUR PASSPORT. Update: I wrote the preceding from my Blackberry at the ticket counter. After I found out about the passport, I rushed to the departure area and got the world’s best cab driver. His English was atrocious, but he understood what was going on. There was thankfully no traffic on 280 to SFO to my house and he did it in about 15 minutes. Ran in, grabbed the passport, ran back out. Lost a minute while he tried to ask me if I had “all three things”: passport, tickets, and ID. He says a lot of people run in to get a passport and leave the tickets on the table. He took 101 back to SFO, which had a bit of traffic. Big tip. No line at ticket counter, the flight was delayed. The lady was so kind, she switched me to the last window seat on the flight to Las Vegas and I got an upgrade to first class from Vegas to Toronto. (Maybe I’ll get some sleep.) No line at the security counter so I breezed through. Had time to grab a reuben at the deli. Sometimes I think I lead a charmed life.

17 thoughts on “Note to self

  1. Technically, a birth certificate will do. (In fact, it was only one president ago when a drivers license was all that was required)

  2. Haha, that was lucky. With 9 flights waiting for me in next 5 or so weeks I’ll have to keep passport nearby too. Last year the cab company I called in the evening forgot to arrive at morning. I was RUNNING through the airport, checking in 10 seconds before the deadline at the first class counter, ran to the gate and there already were no people waiting. Or wait, no people waiting yet, the flight was delayed. I wonder how much can life get shorter after that πŸ™‚