12 thoughts on “WordPress Widgets

  1. Great! Is there anyway to get a list of compatible themes going over there? I know over at wp.com, many of the themes are compatible. Any chance of releasing the sidebar files for those themes?
    I’ve been using widgets over at wp.com, and can’t wait to add them to my site!

  2. Why did you use the MIT license? Is it one of most confusing open source license.
    Thanks in advance for your answer.

  3. The MIT license is functionally equivalent to the BSD one; it is not confusing.

    Also, to go in nitpick mode, some of the phrases on this page are incredibly patronizing (“We’re sorry if that seems threatening. It hurt us more than it hurt you. Please fix up your theme. ‘I give in. How do I fix up my theme?'”) Surely you can advocate without that tone, especially if you’re making a self-interest argument.

  4. So if MIT license is only for Scriptaculous, there is not any license on Widgets. If you release some software with GPL, you must include a copy of the license with the binary code.
    I do not want annoy but I would like to know more about the widget’s license. If I install something on my site I would like to know its license.
    Thanks and sorry for the disturb.

  5. GnuMan, they’re GPL by default because they link WordPress code, which is also GPL. It’s silly to include a license file with plugins that are often smaller than the license itself.