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Next Generation CMS

WordPress + Textpattern = WordPattern. 😉 (Big kudos to the Textpattern folks.)

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I love how you’ve managed to tighten up the code. The combined product is so much smaller and more efficient than either of the previous products.

But I can’t seem to import my WordPress blog into the new CMS. Any ideas?

@Kelson: Oh, come on. Didn’t you run index.php? It clearly does say how to import your weblog, doesn’t it? ;o)
The best thing though is the small small print
It’s only a pity Matt didn’t get into contact with the localization teams before the new version was released to the public… Now, it’ll be much harder to reach Milestone 5 in time for easter… *gg*

OMG!! I thought this was real for one second… oooh man you’re gonna have to pay for my therapy now Matt, and you might have had to pay for my heart transplant. JEEEEEZ YOU SCARED ME THERE. WordPress for life, no Textpattern nonsense.

[…] However, I can’t confirm this yet because the WordPress website (and thus, it’s support site) are down. The comments on Matt Mullenweg’s site about this are mixed – with half offering kudos for the idea of the merger and or asking for tech support, and the rest talking about what an elaborate April Fool’s joke it was. Downloading the file at the moment wouldn’t clarify things for me since either it’s a joke or it’s not and the site was hacked in which case the file isn’t safe to download.. […]

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