Funding Warning

Just a warning for entrepreneurs out there, if you ever announce funding you will be contacted by people offering the following services: banking; debt financing; PR services; other VCs; fancy SoMA offices; telephone services; India outsourcing; Kansas IT outsourcing; recruiting (x10); equipment leasing; renting/leasing/buying real estate; stories about Audrey Hepburn; web analytics; bandwidth; data communications (?); Java programming. Expect 50+ emails in the first 12 hours, and a steady trickle after that. They will also send emails to firstname @ your domain for every name they can find on the website. It gives you a newfound appreciation for those nice Nigerian banking folks, who gave you attention before you were “big.”

15 replies on “Funding Warning”

Haha isn’t that half obvious of them. I didn’t think people were so stupid to ask. I wouldn’t have even expected it though.

Of course most funded companies could use offshore outsourcing… right ;). That’s how you build a successful business that gets funding.

Uhm, you mean you don’t already have outsourcing? Isn’t WordPress development outsourced now? 🙂

You don’t need funding to get calls from sales folks, they just need to think you have money. All it takes is a little PR 😀

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