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CrazyEgg is a pretty cool service that tells you where people are clicking on your web page. By far, the coolest feature is the “heatmap” doppler view of your page, which they overlay over a snapshot taken when you start the click tracking session. I’ve been running it for a few days on the front page of WordPress.com, here is a screenshot of the results. Next I’m going to try it on our signup form. And wouldn’t it be cool for the WP write page?

21 thoughts on “WordPress CrazyEgg

  1. CrazyEgg is an awesome utility for tracking the click habits of readers. There were a few kinks that were being worked out that I ran into but the team is doing everything they can. Great service and great support.

  2. Hi,
    with the part “And wouldn’t it be cool for the WP write page?” are you talking about WordPress.com or WordPress in general. Thanks…

  3. For WordPress in general, but the most users on one host are probably on WP.com. Unfortunately CrazyEgg doesn’t seem to work well on authenticated pages, or on pages where different things are in different places for different users.

  4. It’s a shame CrazyEgg isn’t yet publicly available. Or at least it says it’s not, though I signed up to find out when it is. That looks really useful. I like the fact that it takes a visual approach to site statistics, so you can analyze that in coordination with your design. I look forward to trying this.

    Thanks for the pointer!

    (recent WordPress convert)

  5. If this isn’t more proof that privacy has gone out the window, I dunno what is. Check the links at the bottom of the screenshot. 🙂

    Maybe privacy itself has not left us entirely, but you know what I mean. The privacy policy could state, “We WILL sell your info to every known spammer on earth,” but who would know? The one guy who actually looked at it.

    Perhaps that is the power of the community after all: if a site was malicious, I’d like to think someone would say something about it and I’d know beforehand. I’m not saying that everyone should read every privacy policy, but it’s important to exercise some personal responsibility in this area, methinks.

    Okay, okay… rants are for my own weblog. Just an observation.

    Back on topic, that heatmap is a great quick visual, and a super alternative to even the most user-friendly graphs and charts found in most statistics packages. I’m anxious to try out the service for myself.

  6. Matt, Thanks for the writeup, we’ve been busy trying to get Crazy Egg launched!
    To all the commenters, we are working as fast as we can to launch our service, so
    it can benefit any and all websites on the Internet.

    If anyone would like to test Crazy Egg out, feel free to email me at info at crayzegg.com

  7. Amazing how much heat login form gets. I understand ‘user’ (though, one could use shortcut), but equal clicking on “password” and “log in” shows how keyboard navigation has expired. Damn, people, it is just single ‘tab’ keypress away 🙂